FX 12/12/16

Afternoon of CAD trading, which has gone well.

Stuck to buying, found some trendlines that were working, with a gap above to aim for.  Oil looking weak.   Almost lost faith, but stuck at it, and on this  trade it’s heading for the gap.  Will leave with a 1R stop and see what happens.  Has just bounced off the last low before the gap down on the open and stopped.

Some trades were fomo.  Or were they persistence?  Trading performance def dropping off as tiredness sets in.  Trades getting more random… Time to stop!


FX 07/12/16

Yes, long gap.  Real work has been causing issues with tiredness, lack of concentration, etc etc.

This week, journaling started, finally. Also more days off means I feel like different person.

Monday: Only 2 trades, both worked, both Gold, both on the theory that gold is going up.  One got stopped for a loss, but not in office, and would have been 1R, if not more…

Tuesday: Absolute beaut, 6 -1R’s, which could have been less if entries had been timed better, but the last 2 trades went parabolic.  Now, this time I was out of the office, and potentially if I had been in, then they wouldn’t have done so well.  Possibly.

Wednesday:  Day of 2 sessions:  Morning, bit too needy, after yesterdays success.  Playing EUR to the upside, stopped because it was a bit wild on the 1M timeframe.  Got a +ve 1R result last trade before I bottled it, just after I stopped, it ripped up 500 pips.
Afternoon:  Mixture of CAD, EUR and Gold.  Unsettled by moves after CAD move, spent a while hunting for a bottom.  Which may or may not have happened, I think it’s got a way to go down before heading back up.  EUR, the move was the one I missed in the morning session, Gold, caught a nice move in a downward flag maybe, hoping to catch the rest of the move up.  2nd trade, entered too soon, moved stop when it went against me, need I say more?

So, still positive on the week, more importantly, journaling! Yay!

Thursday: 3 EUR plays, 2 worked one didn’t after I tried to play it the other way.

Very pleased with week.  Journalling, mostly sensible, considered trades.

FX 10/1/16

Quick notes to cement things in my head:
Trade when move is underway, not when it’s hovering around the bull/bear line being volatile, more patience, let go of FOMO, it’s not even FOMO really, it’s lack of patience.
If something is in a period of consolidation, and I’m trying to trade  at the other end of where it’s going, whether on a line of S/R or a trendline, if I get FOMO, or think it’s going to break: Enter with a smaller size.
If trades go against me, then stop.  I think max of 2.  I’m trading with tight stops, so if it’s not working… it’s not working. Stop and re-assess.

FX 03/11/16

Bit of a roller coaster week:

The account has stayed positive, just (discounting the 3 really bad NZ losses from about 3 weeks ago).

The losses have come mostly from punts, twitter punts, and I’m not sure what to call them? Nihilist trades?  When the account has taken a hit, and you start doing stupid trades to rescue it?  In a “well, I might as well take a punt” fashion.  Which of course never happens.  The reverse happens.

The positives I can take from the last week are that I have caught some bigger trades, whether through luck or judgement, or a combination of both.  And I’ve managed to keep the losses small, or small +ve.  But their have been some howlers.  Which has meant that this week has not been good.   Which makes my trading decisions worse.  I actually considered putting up a sign saying, “Is it a punt, don’t be a cunt” above the monitor.  Decided against it, got home, tired, read something on twitter, couldn’t understand it, and thought, I’ll take a punt.  Cunt.

FX 27/10/16

So Tuesday was a right off.  Wednesday by comparison was a model of restrained moderation, and hence was +ve.  Today has also been good, have only traded the afernoon session, including a nap and a dog walk.   As is always the way, if I hadn’t taken the dog walk I’d have been up about 3 x as many pips, but hey.  Out for 1R, and back in on USD/JPY.

This week, I have traded 5m charts, trading with the daily bias.  Buying off levels of prior resistance that have become support. Checking the higher t/f’s to make sure I’m not being stupid (apart from when I didn’t, and I was).  I even managed to get out of the stupid trade mentioned earlier with a small +ve.  I’m doing what I have come to call “nibbling” at trades, ie I keep moving the s/l up to above b/e, waiting for a trade to take off to + 1R (as in more than 1R) when I’ll move the stop to that.  And then follow it manually quite tightly, unless I think it needs some room.  Also:  Accepting that some trades may stop out for less than was possible, but that some will “fly”.  I think I’m mixing some metaphors there.

I’ve even thought about floating the XM account again, as I’m doing so well on Darwinex.  How about not doing that?  Until maybe January?

Also: Marking prior spike highs as levels to watch.

FX 25/10/16

So I heeded my advice, and had a good week.  Kept nibbling at trades, in the theory that I’m protecting capital, until one when off in the right direction ,which USD/CAD did, and actually hit my t/p, in approximately the right place.  I wasn’t around to watch it, which is probably why it did so well.  One of the things I was really pleased about was my “not trading”.  After the big winner, I didn’t immediately try and get in for the next stage.  Good good.

Onto this week.  Traditionally, this week would be a turkey, which is where we get to the sustainability/longevity bit.   I’m still working the CAD, on the premise it’s heading higher on dollar strength, oil weakness.

The day was going well, until I tried, i a USD/JPY trade, ii a Gold trade, then iii when I did get a bigger move on CAD, I had a nap during the move.  After napping  I then had a a few revenge trades.  At that point I wasn’t even down, I was just pissed that I’d missed the move. Don’t trade just after waking up from nap to find you could have made 300pips.

And then I’ve just done it again.  The thought went “if I’m going to do stupid trades, I may as well do another one”.  I actually thought that.  Then did it.  This is exactly what I was congratulating myself on not doing about 6 hours ago.   Not only that, I’ve just moved my s/l  300 points.   This  is why  my 2nd week is always a turkey.  It’s so bizarre.  The urge to self destruct is strong within me.  All I have to do now is add to this losing trade.

FX 17/10/16

Obviously, after that successful Tuesday, which was a day off “real work” Wednesday Thursday and Friday were not so good.  The real stinker was Thursday, which culminated in three NZ/USD trades that are still in play, with huge s/l that would be … account changing.  I’m still bearish the trade.  /laughs bitterly.

So here is what I’m going to try and take forward this week:
Don’t trade drunk. Treat it like a job.  A difficult job.  OK, maybe this needs refining.  Don’t decide strategy’s drunk. Don’t make shit up.
Don’t add to losing trades. (How do you define “losing” as opposed to “got in early just in case; I’ll add some more)
Really important:  Don’t ignore conditionals when 50pips says something.  The key words on Thursday were: “Hold of this break (0.7060 on Kiwi) and .69’s attract”  The bread didn’t hold, I got in.  Three times.  Adding to a losing position.
Now. Also. I had a number of opportunities to get out of this trade with a profit.  Most notably on Friday afternoon, Friday evening just before close, and again just after the open on Sunday.  Am I taking this seriously, or not? If I had, the account would be up 10%, instead of 3.3%.  But a bit academic, because I shouldn’t have been in the trades in the first place.  What’s the expression?  A bad trade that is profitable is worse than a good trade that isn’t, but was according to rules?  These firmly fall into that category.

It’s been a while

Not sure why I stopped, maybe it was the approach of spring.

It might have been because I realised that writing a diary of my trades wasn’t working.  But neither has anything else.  I’m still trading, and I’ve worked out that I would be successful if I cut out the stupid trades, and took profits earlier.  Which sounds a bit “well, duh” and it is.

But trading is the hardest thing I’ve ever done, as well as the thing I’ve most wanted to succeed at (apart from relationships).  Partly that desire to succeed drives the bad trades.  As well as impatience.    I’ll sit down, tired, probably grumpy and think fuck it, that’ll work.  It doesn’t.  Also, when I’ve had some losing trades and by necessity I work on tight margins (well, not true, I trade on tight margins because I try to trade at a size that will have an emotional as well as financial impact, using the 10% account size with one broker theory.)  Which is fine until you start getting to the point where  you margin gets to only being able to have one trade on at a time, at which point I get frustrated, really want to get my account size back up, then blow it instead.  Pffft.

So today I went back to demo trading, on Darwinex, which is the broker I’d like to use, (but they need a 500 min deposit) Obviously, the days been a success.  Big stops where appropriate, moving stops where appropriate, I started with 1000 and I’m up 8%.

So. Issues.
1.  Is it because it’s demo?
2. Is it because it’s Darwinex?
3. Is it because the trades fifty said I got on?
4.  Is it because I’ve got a bigger margin, so feel more comfortable?
5. Is it because it’s MT4, which I’m more comfortable with then the web interface of Core Spreads?

Also, other issues:
1. I still have an uncanny ability to pick the bottom/top of a range, when a pair is consolidating.  Which is FOMO.  I just squeezed out a 0.1R on a Kiwi trade, after being down about a lot.

Today I’ve traded with the daily bias, (or in golds case, what what should have been the daily bias), I’ve marked up channels on TF’s and Fibs down to 5M, and it’s worked.  Loved the snappyness of darwinex, loved being able to move sl’s around quicky.

Biggest loser was a Cable trade where stop was too close, still big but trade went in right direction eventually.  Not even sure the stop wasn’t in the right place.

Biggest winner was a USDCAD that did a belter.  When CAD is trending, it trends very nicely.  Fibs on 5M chart hit lovely.


FX Monday 08/02/16

GBP support at 1.4350 was reached at 15.15, anticipating a bounce to keep within range with a weak dollar (gold silver strong).  Two green M5 candles so bought at 1.43727 with a stop below 1.4350.  Possible move back up to 1.4450/1.4550.  Potential R6 or 7, moved the stop up and got stopped at R1 at 1.43950. +10.03  GBP didn’t go up as expected, positive outcome.

GBP At 17.15 having tested the 50% fib a couple of times, with higher lows, bought gbp again, looking to break above the 50fib.  Got stopped out for -2.33.  Stop wasn’t too tight, just got stopped.  GBP went back down to 1.43636.  Again, GBP didn’t go up as expected.

Euro 17.33 Greek markets close down 7.87, anticipating Euro sell off, sold Euro at 1.11327 in the middle of a small range.  Managed to move stop to break even before Euro went up.  Had been pushing on 23 fib at 1.11450 (round number).  +.45 Wrong call, but entry meant I managed to come out without loss.  

GBP 17.45 Trying to catch move above the 50 fib of the previous weeks move from low to high.  Had tested it twice, bounced off 1.43750 twice so after 2 green M5 candles bought at 1.43837, moved stop and got stopped at 1.43846 for +.40  Entered too early, should have waited for move back down below 1.43750.  But difficult call, entry did mean had no loss.

Euro having been pushing on the 23 fib of  previous weeks move from low to high, as well as the 1.11450 S/R level, broke above and closed above on the M5 at 17.55.  Bought at 1.11481 and got stopped at 1.11811 having moved stop up.   +14.76.  Entered well, was positioned for move up to 1.12 if it had happened.  

23.31 up on the day.  Used S/R levels as well as fibs.  

FX Thursday 2016

After Tuesdays debacle, here we go.

Typically, all bets are off.  China suspended it’s stock market, which meant the carefully thought out short I put on last night got stopped out minutes after the news as Euro went up.  Euro is now in a range between 1.0725 and 1.0825.  I’ve just sold, which would have been a good decision an hour ago, as it reached the 1.0825 level, and started to retrace.  Not so sure now, as there is previous s/r at 1.0785. I got out for 1pip and .02 which was the right thing to do, I think, as the trade was so awful. It’s either going to break through or bounce

I really must get a notice board up with, amongst other things, the “things to do before putting a trade on” list, even if you have looked at them 10 min ago, you’ve prob forgotten.  My ability to put a trade at exactly the wrong place is uncanny.  I need the list right above the monitor.  I can hear Tom Dante “Previous resistance acting as support, cunt”